Witness the Breaking Wave

A Cloud by my Door original pencil sketch.

Charcoal first. Keeping foam clean for white paint later on. The photo from my phone is poor, has poor light and colour information, but it does have foam, rip and crest. Needs must. Work with what you have. There will be no skyline.

The cloud passing overhead through clear sky now I see like an Atlantic wave in slow motion. Crystal vapours I will need to stimulate by coloured paints.

It’s hard to do this in a little room in North London, though the moment this breaker hit shore at Smerwick Harbour is vivid in my mind. It storms my thoughts.

I’m listening to the endless roar and thud of a massive digger outside my door. The driver skillfully and effortlessly digging down 30 foot through the spider web of pipes and cables that cross and tangle beneath the street.  A great artist in big yellow jacket. But in my head the sound of the western seaboard is louder – doesn’t everyone think this way who has witnessed the Atlantic?