Edit: December 2014: Sadly, theprintersinck.co.uk has closed so I've removed the gallery from this post, I've put these prints on fineartamerica.com now, they ship from Europe and the US to worldwide.

Detail from original painted ‘san aer’ (outdoors), West Kerry, Dingle.

I’ve set up a print shop focusing on details from my landscapes with theprintersinc.co.uk. This is a ‘print on demand service’, hosted in England.

These are details from studio work, but mostly they are from my road trip across the west coast of Ireland, late in 2013, before the storms hit in early 2014. The area was commonly known in the past as the “Western Seaboard” and now popularly known as the “Wild Atlantic Way”.

In so doing, I came to see different things in my work, for one, a high quality scan can explode the colours in a lovely way, and whereas the original panels are each sized differently, these prints are to standard size and that’s good for multiples, so you can have more than one on the same wall and be sure they would be of equal size and that kind of thing.

I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks, it’s really a time of development and introspection. I think it is good to withdraw at times, to step onto the back foot and look about. To see a different way to go about painting.