Photo: Leaving the cliffs behind – at Black Head, North Clare on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, September 2014.

I haven’t managed a successful painting of the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare yet. I was happy with the colours & forms in my last picture, but the composition lacks balance. I have a feeling that if I can experience a day of turbulent sky there, I’m sure I can make it work, especially in the height of summer when the cliffs will be most pale. I like the cloud in my oil sketch though – it was an accident when the painting was being transported, but what a nice idea.

The cloud of white paint was an accident, but a nice idea all the same

Our Considine family roots are local to O Brian’s tower and the Cliff of Moher, so I especially want to get it right. My aunt told me how she met a historian on the street in Cork who told her of the Considine’s royal Irish roots – apparently they go back to Brian Boru, first King of a united Ireland, so of course I especially want to get this painting right. Maybe 2015 will be the year for me.

By way of confirmation of her stories, I was especially pleased to come across this web site dedicated to the family name (opens in a new window):

Still, like anyone visiting, It’s just a great place, to walk about, take in the air, the atmosphere and the incredible beauty of it all. Another place on the Wild Atlantic Way you could spend forever.