I’m mostly organised in my work, I remember a friend once described it as ‘gross efficiency’, and we laughed.

Colours laid out for a fixed palette

I find working with a disorganised palette can be disconcerting.

But occasionally it’s like a Bermuda Triangle & I go off on a different tangent seemingly without purpose. Today I’m looking at two messy palettes thinking ‘what happened there?’ My strawberries came from such a haphazard jumble so it can’t be all wrong.

There’s something going on, some sort of change. Building or deconstructing the colours – it’s not clear.

It started when I began to try to mix cobalt violet light from my usual

Trying to hit a mix for cobalt violet light using the fixed palette

fixed palette. There it is, and on phone’s camera it’s not half bad, but really, I didn’t match the heightened chroma of the tube.

All this while painting my first oil portrait for a while, of my dear friend Bella, and along the way, taking time to gaze in wonderment at the work of Vermeer on the site  www.essentialvermeer.com.

Grateful there are so many people out there of such generous spirit to share their knowledge & resources so freely.