Photo: A balmy sunset at Dun Chaoin, Dingle, West Kerry, Ireland.

Last year I travelled the west coast of Ireland in gripping cold – before the storms, but tough all the same. I prepared myself better this year. Expecting cold and wet, after a month, I still haven’t unpacked my base layer. The weather is balmy and bright.

Painting blackberries and foxgloves in Tularee, September 2014

There was one afternoon of torrential rain, and I painted the blackberries because you couldn’t see the landscape for the fog and driving rain.


For weeks now, it’s been warm, dry and glorious. Walking over the Burren county Clare, at the sea at Slea Head in county Kerry, and wandering around the streets of Cork. Everywhere people are enjoying a long warm September.
Photo: Puddles like oak leaves etched out in the stones at Doolin Pier. September 2014

I’ve been painting and learning along the way. I don’t see pictures so well in the landscape when it’s this bright, mostly been exploring with my camera, and sketching with pencil.

Early morning sketching, soft morning light, me not thinking straight, I labelled this Mount Brandon, but actually, it’s Cruach Mhartain.
Yesterday the sky overhead of the Mamturk mountains was startlingly bright blues and white, today the forest under Croagh Patrick is veiled in the subdued light under thick cloud. It’s all mesmerisingly beautiful.
Photo: On the N59 travelling north from Maam Cross, you can just see the tip of the Mamturk Mountains – this is 2 photos cobbled together as one.