Now where did i put that note

Light and silhouettes out of the darkness

After a time of painting, of tuning into the intention of the image, I inadvertently turn to other things, like writing. I say that loosely because really i don’t write the thing down till it forms its self.

The ideas that turn into pictures are those that suit the feeling I’m trying to get at, the mood, the dream.

Putting messy thoughts into a picture isn’t in my nature, i don’t like that. the colours and shapes are the best of my nerves and feelings.

But resolving stuff is part of human nature, we all do it. As an artist i have a need to represent. not only the hope of putting a beautiful thing on the wall to engage with.

It’s been my challenge to accept the compulsion to paint that came to me. we are all presented with such challenges, some it is best to ignore, some we need to go to great lengths to find out what is possible. the journey is true for all of us. i hope you are truly blessed in yours.

Imagination works it’s own pattern.
Look into my thoughts you will see.
The heart knows it can rebound.
In life it’s not just the imagination that’s real.
In the Wisdom Book what was writ didn’t mean much.
Full of mindless gimmicks you couldn’t throw your hat in with.
Passing ’round messages in gloves they surround us.
Daub lies in graffiti to stand to outwit us.
We back off to be safe but they follow us.

©catherine considine 2013