Exhibition in Dún Laoire

An original oil painting of pumpkins by contemporary Irish artist Catherine Considine
Pumpkins in a Row, one of my 3 still life oil paintings on show.

I have 3 still life paintings in the upcoming exhibition at the Dúnlaoire Art Gallery (opening St. Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2015), funky, traditional & large, I like the rustic organic nature of them. The blue violet on the ageing skin of the pumpkins & the whacky height of the brussels sprouts on the stalk.

Palette for my painting ‘Where in the World’

The wooden dish of fruit in contrast is voluptuous – a week in summer when there was just too much to choose from in the local grocer – I just had to paint the lot. I think of it as a procession of summer, from the figs at the back through the apples and the little gooseberry at the side, all alone!

An original oil painting of many fruits on a wooden tray with red and white cloth by contemporary Irish artist Catherine Considine
Where in the World- so called because of the wealth of wonderful fruit and vegetables we are fortunate to be able to buy, or even just look at on our street.
Oil painting of brussels sprouts on the stalk by Irish artist Catherine Considine. Painted in oil.
Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk – some day I hope to paint a field of brussels sprouts, they have such wonderful colours.
The exhibition opens on the 14th of February, 2015 – Sadly, I won’t be able to be in Dublin for the opening, but then I suppose such is the life of the diaspora.
It’s part of an ‘all day shopping event’  in Dúnlaoire for St. Valentine’s day 2015 & it’s great to be part of it. The artists exhibiting are Jackie Ball, Kate Bedell, Catherine Considine, Denise French, Denise Hussey, Myra Jago, Mary Kavanagh, Eithne Roberts, Linda Uhlemann and Mary Wallace.

There’s more information about events at: http://www.dunlaoghaire.ie/shop-dun-laoghaire-day-sat-14th-february/ (opens in a new window).
I hope everyone has a great day & the exhibition will be on-going in the gallery if you can’t make it on the 14th.
If you don’t know the area, you might be confused about it, Dúnlaoire, Dún Laoire, Dúnlaoghaire, and yes even the anglicised Dunleary. For disambiguation, there’s always the wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dún_Laoghaire (opens in a new window).