The shoulder of Croagh Patrick is north facing and bleak, but it has such a great view.

“Breathe in everything.
What you breathe nourishes your creativity.
Your creativity is the voice of your soul.”

So a wise friend told me when I began trying to find my way of going as a painter. I didn’t feel confident about making a complete turnabout in life, but something inside wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fast-forward a few years and the 3 weeks outdoor painting journey is just around the corner. Another friend asked me how was I going to go overnight from working long hours and indoors on a small single work, to completing a larger panel outdoors in just one session. I answered that I honestly didn’t know.

As I stood on the Caher road Castlegregory on a bitterly cold day, I put those thoughts aside and set to it:
Take time to choose where to set up. Check.
Imagine the scene in your head and sketch using alkyd medium so it will dry quickly. Check.
Lose yourself. Check
Stop when something inside tells you to. Check
Pack up to head home. Check
Clean up and prepare a panel for the next day. Check

Some days I did better than others, but the experience changed me as a painter and I still don’t know exactly how.