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Painting Finsbury Park

I aim to record my process as I work. There’s the sketches, pencils, digital or whatever, the colour studies and the final work. It’s fascinating to look back and see how a painting comes together. I created the animations with iMovie and recorded the piano tracks on my phone. You can see this one and more on my Youtube channel:

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One Day Only

A cold and frosty morning in Finsbury Park London are offering free shipping for one day only.

Landscape paint Pan Pastel pencil poetry San Aer (Plein Air) Senses story studio

Sketching in the Park

Line and Colour

I’ve been organising through my compositional ideas in the park, they are slow to come together from sketches into paintings, there are so many elements to consider.

Landscape oil paint pencil poetry San Aer (Plein Air) Senses story

A Walk in the Park

Spending Time in the Park

Watercolour study of a crab apple tree and autumn leaves.

At the moment, I’m developing compositions around the park. The colours are more subdued than the landscape of the west of Ireland & the wild atlantic way, so it’s taking a lot of getting used to.