Landscape oil paint pencil San Aer (Plein Air)

Starting Gates of the Cityscape

Painting Slussen, Gamla Stan and the Stockholm skyline from Katarina Hissen

Stockholm, and my first adventure into painting a cityscape. I was traveling light, & my friends came to the rescue and loaned me an easel.

I goggled before traveling, and chose the Katarina Hissen as starting point to work from, and amazing it was too.

Easel setup at Södra Riddarholmshamnen

My second subject was Söder Mälarstrand from Södra Riddarholmshamnen. I liked the idea of ships across the water. The light wasn’t with me, the great ships were in shade, but the composition worked well.

I think by the end of my time there, I was understanding better how to work the structure of the architecture into my own sense of symbolism. I kept drawing the same scene, and then painting some, and then drawing some, as you do. The weather stayed dry for me too.
Evenings I worked from photos, zooming in to individual features, to better inform decisions about the skyline as a whole.
Steeples of Stockholm
I’ve gathered a lot of material from the journey. Stockholm has a great skyline and architectural forms for an artist to work from. I hope the final paintings come together as I imagine them in my mind.


Colours of Stockholm