High on the Hill


If walking through the park at first light is part of your daily thing, you’ll recognise the light coming over the hill. As it appears there’s a short time when the light glances over the dewy grass and lights it in unusual sways of purple, blues and greens. 388mm x 285mm x 12 mm


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A cold and frosty morning in Finsbury Park London

This is an oil painting, on gessoed ‘Fabriano Tela’ paper, laid on board. The frame is pine painted muted white. Fabriano Tela is a specially formulated with an internal size to make it suitable for oil paint. It is a beautiful surface to work on. Painting dimensions: 388mm x 285mm x 12 mm.

From Fabriano.com (http://fabriano.com/en/28/tela):

The Fabriano oil painting paper Tela has an internal and external sizing that offers an ideal absorption for oil colours. It is acid free and archival. The unique paper surface, obtained through a specialized texturing process, creates a surface similar to linen canvas. It is recommended for oil painting techniques.