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Pictures of Ireland

I’ve been putting together some pictures of Ireland, going through photos in Lightroom. Because I’m always shooting a photo with a view to capturing a reference for a painting, they don’t often work as a finished photo, but some do & I don’t pay enough attention to them.

Intense rain and wind is difficult to work with, rain seems to come from everywhere, but with the camera under a white umbrella, I managed to get this shot.

Photo: Beautiful soft colours of falling rain at Clogher Beach, Dingle Peninsula, West Kerry, Ireland.
Freshly harvested field in Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland.

I took this photo from the passenger seat in a moving car heading south on the M11 en route to Brittas Bay.

It’s a great feeling of freedom to load up with gear and just go out to paint with no exact plan…

Heading out between the storms to paint. Ballydavid, West Kerry, Ireland.

The colours of the Dingle peninsula can be extraordinary, in this photo, the sun is setting behind the dunes and it’s been raining heavily for a time, as it does.

Photo: Glistening maram grass at sunset on the Maharees, Dingle Peninsula, West Kerry, Ireland.

Heading down Croagh Patrick and the beautiful view of Clew Bay, hope for clearer sky next time.

Descent of Croagh Patrick, looking over Clew Bay, West Mayo, Ireland.