Landscape oil paint pencil poetry San Aer (Plein Air) Senses story

A Walk in the Park

Spending Time in the Park

Watercolour study of a crab apple tree and autumn leaves.

At the moment, I’m developing compositions around the park. The colours are more subdued than the landscape of the west of Ireland & the wild atlantic way, so it’s taking a lot of getting used to.

Pan Pastel pencil Portrait story

Mary from Gallarus Oratory

Mary – I’m hoping you’ll stop by some day, here’s the portrait sketch – I’m so looking forward to seeing your sketch of me.

Pan Pastel sketch of Mary
I met Mary, an artist who was visiting Gallarus Oratory. We took each others photo with a view to doing a sketch. I think she was from Canada, but I may not be remembering quite right. She works with charcoal mostly. I did my sketch in Pan Pastel on tinted paper.
Landscape oil paint San Aer (Plein Air) story

The 1st Kilburn Festival in London, May 2015

The 1st Kilburn Festival in London (link opens in a new  page) is being held on the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of May.

The organisers have arranged an event raffle in aid of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal, and I’m happy that they have accepted my painting of Mount Brandon as a prize for this important appeal.

Love art.

The midges (flies) were a menace and got into the paint and itched and got everywhere. The land had been mist laden all week, and now the sudden burst of sunshine gave a great contrast in all the colours of autumn. I had to finish the mountain shadows back in the studio – I wanted the shadow shapes on the mountain as they were when I first caught sight of the view – they changed dramatically as you can imagine.
oil Pan Pastel Portrait recent Senses studio

Working Away Quietly

Pan Pastels are a great way to work loosely on ideas

Lately I’ve been concentrating on portraits trying to consolidate my ideas & figure out the practical side of things. Using a different medium too for working out the layout and colours. Pan Pastels are great to work loosely with – you apply with a foam tipped little plastic knife.

Exhibition Gallery Landscape oil paint Still Life studio

Exhibition in Dún Laoire

Pumpkins in a Row
I came across these pumpkins at halloween, they had beautiful colours and strong chunky forms, I just had to paint them.

I have 3 still life paintings in the upcoming exhibition at the Dúnlaoire Art Gallery (opening St. Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2015), funky, traditional & large, I like the rustic organic nature of them. The blue violet on the ageing skin of the pumpkins & the whacky height of the brussels sprouts on the stalk.

The exhibition opens on the 14th of February, 2015 – Sadly, I won’t be able to be in Dublin for the opening, but then I suppose such is the life of the diaspora.

It’s part of an ‘all day shopping event’  in Dúnlaoire for St. Valentine’s day 2015 & it’s great to be part of it. The artists exhibiting are Jackie Ball, Kate Bedell, Catherine Considine, Denise French, Denise Hussey, Myra Jago, Mary Kavanagh, Eithne Roberts, Linda Uhlemann and Mary Wallace.

Palette for Where in the World

The wooden dish of fruit in contrast is voluptuous – a week in summer when there was just too much to choose from in the local grocer – I just had to paint the lot. I think of it as a procession of summer, from the figs at the back through the apples and the little gooseberry at the side, all alone!

Landscape oil paint San Aer (Plein Air) seascape Senses story

The Cliffs of Moher, West Clare, Brian Boru and the Considine Connection

Photo: Leaving the cliffs behind – at Black Head, North Clare on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, September 2014.

I haven’t managed a successful painting of the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare yet. I was happy with the colours & forms in my last picture, but the composition lacks balance. I have a feeling that if I can experience a day of turbulent sky there, I’m sure I can make it work, especially in the height of summer when the cliffs will be most pale. I like the cloud in my oil sketch though – it was an accident when the painting was being transported, but what a nice idea.

story studio

Wild Swan, Broken Wing

Photo: The rescued swan

From my studio I see the New River – neither new nor a river, it was built by the Victorians to bring fresh water into London. It’s home to a lot of wildlife as you can well imagine.

The New River

There’s a piece on it at the Wellcome Library Collection (opens in a new window).

Exhibition Gallery Landscape oil paint recent Senses Still Life story

After the Show

Coffee and scones the next day

The Dunlaoire Art Gallery Christmas Exhibition at Brian S Nolan (top floor with lift access) December 2014

We had a great time at the opening, the weather was bleak, but plenty of friends and collectors braved the elements and made it a great night.

The exhibition is open daily until into the new year – it has a great advantage of having a very good café, in plain sight of the gallery – so there I was the morning after, waiting for my collector and great friend to arrive – coffee, scones, and photos of my paintings on the table. Very nice.

Thank you to all in the store who made us so welcome.

Exhibition Gallery oil paint seascape Still Life studio

Tonight’s the Night

My first time exhibiting in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland – please come along if you can! Looking forward to seeing friends and meeting the other artists.


A Print for Christmas

A great development this year has been that have installed a fulfilment centre in the UK to service UK & Europe, hopefully they’ll extend to the southern hemisphere next year too!

I’ve carefully scanned my paintings so they produce quality images, click on the gallery slideshow below to see more.

December 16th Last Day for Ground Shipments
December 19th Last Day for Overnight Shipments