This Year’s Promise

Last time I submitted to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, it was a quiet, dark piece. This week I submitted 2 works of energy. One energetic in the lights, the other energetic in the darks. Both landscapes, both Plein Air – or San Aer, in the Irish language. Submission is on-line, but I still went […]

Breathe in Everything

“Breathe in everything.What you breathe nourishes your creativity.Your creativity is the voice of your soul.” So a wise friend told me when I began trying to find my way of going as a painter. I didn’t feel confident about making a complete turnabout in life, but something inside wouldn’t have it any other way.

Darker Than December

Andrew Graham Dixon had a wonderful documentary on BBC4 the other evening, about Still Life – Apples, Pears and Paint: How to Paint a Still Life Painting: What with that, and the terrible storms now battering Ireland, this painting I did back in the winter of 2010 came to mind.