Spending Time in the Park

Watercolour study of a crab apple tree and autumn leaves.

At the moment, I’m developing compositions around the park. The colours are more subdued than the landscape of the west of Ireland & the wild atlantic way, so it’s taking a lot of getting used to.

From Close-up to Landscape

Sycamores sketched in crayon in autumn.

It’s also different when the subjects are so close, the trees, the lakes, not to mention the buildings that define the skyline. I’m finding the compositions mainly using the Wacom Inkling. I don’t plan a particular view of the park, I walk along until something strikes me, draw it or paint it, photograph it & then develop the idea from there.

A Place for Everyone

Inkling sketch of bare trees on the hill.

Public Spaces A public park is so central to living in a city or urban area, I’m trying to encompass all the things there, the lake, the avenue, the copse, the animals. Without planning in advance I have to keep visiting, and wait for the light, the weather and the elements to present a composition to me, a roundabout way, I know, but it’s extraordinary how a quiet corner of the park can present a beautiful composition just with a change in how the light strikes the forms.

Colour Studies

Photo: Colour sketching on a cold overcast morning.

I’ve been sketching in oil colour with a pochade, and adding colour to pen

sketches using watercolour back in the studio. For some of the colour studies, I’m working from photos.

Watercolour study  of a young sycamore

Making a Movie

Photo: Recording the piano

Wacom Sketch Manager allows you to sort of ‘play back’ the svg file it records, so I created a movie of the actions. I used the Inkling, Sketch Manager, quicktime & iMovie. I recorded the piano on the iPhone. You can find out more about the Inkling from the Wacom website – I love using it!